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Los Angeles 2022-present:  STANSBURY STUDIOS/DIM SUM FILMS

President and CEO of independent production companies Stansbury Studios and Dim Sum Films.

In Development:

“LOVEBEATS” (Dim Sum Films), Producer, Writer, Director,

   47 International Award Laurels for Best Screenplay, Best Story, Best Concept, Best Idea from 36 International

   Film Festivals, Fiscally Endorsed by From The Heart Productions for 501[c]3 not-for-profit funding; 

“PANIC HOUSE” (Dim Sum Films), Producer, Writer, Director;

“DEADEYE” (Dim Sum Films), Producer, Writer, Director;

“MAR/DEV: POWER OF THE WORD (Dim Sum Films), Producer, Writer, Director;

“TWILIGHT AT THE EDGE”  (Dim Sum Films), Producer, Writer, Director;

“EVANESCENT” (SSI/Dim Sum Films), Producer, Writer, Director;

LOAD FACTOR” ​(SSI) Producer/Writer/Director;

“LESSONS IN LOVE (SSI/Dim Sum Films), Producer, Writer, Director;

“GROWING GREEN” ​SSI/(EG Productions) Exec Producer;

In Post-Production:

“STOLEN DREAMS” (Esther Egg/Dim Sum Films); co-Producer, Cinematographer, Editor;* (documentary)
“A. IDENTITY CRISIS” (The Cabal); Producer, Writer, Director, Editor;* (pilot)

Los Angeles 2020-2022:  VALIANT EAGLE, INC. (PSRU:OTC)

VP and Director of Production. Managed two motion picture production subsidiaries; supervising a slate of filmed entertainment projects from concept through to ROI.

As freelance “Shreditor” (Producer/Writer/Director/DP/Editor):

London/Los Angeles 1993-present: freelance producer-shooter-editor 

Owns and operates DR1CAM, an FAA-certified commercial drone cinematography company, Dim Sum Filme and Stansbury Pictures, both small independent film production companies, as well as Chris Ross Leong Photography and Cabal Productions. He writes, produces, directs, DP's, and edits short and feature length scripted films - but not all at once.


“RECYCLE OR DIE” (Animal Savvy LLC), co-Producer/DP/Editor* (short); 

“LOOSE ENDS DOWN (John Luksetich & Randy Kent), co-DP;  

“WHAT I SAID” (Open Door Productions), Editor* (short);  

“DANCES WITH MIRA” (Foresight Entertainment), Editor* (short);  

“KING SOLOMON'S TREASURE" (Foo Dog Films); Associate Producer, Finishing Editor;

     Winner, Best Actor in a Feature Film, Studio City Film Festival, Best Ensemble Cast, Riverside Film Festival;  

“DEADLY DRAW” (Foo Dog Films); Associate Producer, Sound Designer, Finishing Editor;

“LONG WAY FROM WICHITA" (Sturla Productions); DP* (short);

“OUR GODDAMN WEDDING” (OGW Productions); DP* (short);

“THE BURROW” (Faustian Productions, indie feature. Official Selections: Odyssey Film Festival (2nd Place);

     Rome Prisma Film Awards; Art Film Awards; New Filmmakers NY (Semi-Finalist),  

     Co-Producer, DP (35mm), Composer, VFX, Sound and Finishing Editor;
“SUGAR SUSPECT” (The Cabal); Producer, Director* (short);
“THE GINGER KID” (Steve Hofstetter), Exec Producer, Editor* (TV comedy special);
“OPERATORS: MOSCOW 7541” (Midnight Monarch Prods); Director, Editor* (short);
“THE SEEDLING” (Illumination Light), Co-Producer, Director, Editor* (short);
“FAMILY PRAYER (KARIM & SUHA)” (United Nations YPEER), DP, Editor* (short);
“MAJA” (United Nations YPEER), DP Editor* (short);
“OMEGA POINT:  2010” (Stansbury Studios), Producer Writer Director DP Editor* (short);
“5150” (Stansbury Studios), Producer Writer Director DP Editor* (short);


As Editor (Editor/Post House/Finishing/Re-recording Mixer):

“KING SOLOMON'S TREASURE” (Foo Dog Films, indie feature) Finishing Editor;

“DEADLY DRAW” (Foo Dog Films, indie feature) Finishing Editor;
“THIS DAY FORWARD” (TDF Productions, indie feature) Finishing Editor;
“PEOPLE POWER” (Austin Muhs, feature doc) Additional Editing, Finishing Editor;

     (Hula Productions, indie feature doc), Editor, Finishing Editor;
“THE THOMPSONS: BLOOD BROTHERS” (One Bowl Productions) Editor*;
“SYMPHONY FOR HAITI” (Tumbleweed Entertainment), Editor; Finishing Editor;
“CASHEL” (Tumbleweed Entertainment) Editor;*
“THE HUSTLERS” (Pilgrim Films & TV/TruTV) Graphics Producer (After Effects), Editor*;

“JUDGE FAITH” (Trifecta/Syndication), Editor*;
“DISH NATION” (Fox TV), Staff Editor*;

“NOW EAT THIS” (Empirical Reality), Editor*;

“MODEL EMPLOYEE” (Giant Pirates / VH1), Editor*;
“JUVENILE PAROLE” (Kinetic Content / A&E), Editor, pilot
“MILLIONAIRE INTERVENTION” (Fox TV / VH1), Editor, presentation pilot*;  
“KENYA AND CARL” (GRB Entertainment / Sundance Channel),   Editor*;
“DESIGINING EDEN” (Asylum Entertainment / OWN), Editor, pilot*;
“LOST & FOUND” (LMNO TV / OWN), Editor*;
“HARVEST” (Kinetic Content / History Channel), Editor*;
“MY FAIR WEDDING” (Pilgrim Films &Television / WE), Editor*; 
“SPEAK” (Tumbleweed Entertainment/post) Editor, Post House;
“GHOST HUNTERS: ACADEMY” (Pilgrim Films & Television / SyFy) Editor*;
“GHOST INTERVENTION: MEDIUMS” (Pilgrim Films & Television / TLC) Editor*;
“DOING DAVINCI” (Pilgrim Films & Television / Discovery Channel), Editor *; 
“GHOST HUNTERS” (Pilgrim Films & Television / SciFi Channel), Editor*;
“MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL” (Tiger Aspect USA/Bravo TV) Editor*;
“MODEL LATINA” (SiTV) Editor*;
“The KATIE BROWN WORKSHOP” (Irwin Ent/PBS) Editor, Post Production Mixer)*;
“CELEBRITY REHAB with Dr. DREW” (Irwin Entertainment/VH-1, Editor, Avid)*;
“SMILE-YOU'RE UNDER ARREST” (Satin Telles/Fox, Pilot, Editor, Avid)*;
“Untitled Maria Baltazzi Project” (Sojourn CBS/CBS, Pilot, Editor, Avid)*;
“INSTANT BEAUTY PAGEANT” (Mark Wolper/Style Network, Picture Editor, Avid)*; Supervising Sound Designer, Mixer

     (Avid, ProTools, WaveFrame)*;
“THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS - SEARCH FOR THE NEW DOLL”  (10x10/The CW, Picture Editor, Avid)*;
“THE SPRINGER HUSTLE” (NBCU/VH-1, Supervising Picture Editor (Avid)*;
“EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION” (Endemol/ABC), Emmy Award Nominee, Best  Editor (2004, 2005, 2006),

     Emmy Award, Best Reality Show (2005), Emmy Award  Nomination, Best Series (2004), People’s Choice Award,

     Best Reality Series 2004, 2005), Supervising Picture Editor, Supervising Sound Designer, Mixer (Avid, Pro Tools, Logic)*;
“SURPRISE! (Live Like A Star)” (Small Cages/20th TV), Pilot Editor (Avid)*;
“ANIMAL KIDDING” (LMNO TV/Animal Planet), Show Editor (Avid)* 
     (Gold Medal and Best Program (Family & Children's NY Festivals);
“EXTREME DATING” (Small Cages/20th TV), Show Editor (Avid)*;
“CLASSMATES” (Unrecognizable/20th TV), Pilot Editor (Avid)*;
“BEYOND WITH JAMES VAN PRAAGH” (Tribune/WB), Show Editor (Avid)*;
“RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT” (Woodridge/TBS), Editor (Avid)*
“GUINESS PRIMETIME” (LMNO TV/Fox), Show Editor (Symphony)*;
“BOOT CAMP” (LMNO TV/Fox), Editor (Avid)*;
“MTV'S TRUTH” (LMNO TV/MTV), Show Editor, Mixer (Avid)*;
“SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE” (LMNO TV/Fox), Lead Editor (Avid)*;
“KRYPTON FACTOR” (LMNO TV/Fox), Lead Editor (Avid)*;
“SUPER SURGERY” (LMNO TV/Discovery Health), Mixer*;
“CITY MEDICALS” (LMNO TV/Discovery Health), Mixer*;
“TRAVEL CHANNEL'S SECRETS OF… ” (LMNO TV/Travel Channel), Editor (Avid)*;
“THE WORLD’S BEST… ” (LMNO TV/Travel Channel), Editor (Avid)*;
“NEW ATTITUDES” (LMNO TV/Lifetime), Staff Editor (Avid), Mixer*;
     Staff Avid Editor* (Gold Medal Award, New York Festivals);
“FROG & WOMBAT” (Pigtail Prods/Fantasy) 35mm Editor (Picture);
“LOVELINE” (Stone Stanley/MTV) Staff Picture Editor (Avid)*;
“The JIM J. & TAMMY FAYE SHOW” (Fox) Picture Editor (Avid)*;
“GEMINI ENCOUNTER” (O’Conl Prods) Picture Editor (Avid);
“BE MY DATE” (Universal/MCA) Picture Editor (Pilot) (Avid)*;
“The CYNTHIA GARRETT SHOW” (HK Management) Picture Editor (Avid) *;
“INSPECTOR GADGET’S FIELD TRIPS” (DIC Ent) Picture Editor (Pilot) (Avid);
“ZIG ZAG” (Blue Sky Productions) Picture Editor (Avid), Mixer~;
“OPPOSITE CORNERS” (Metropolitan Pictures) Picture Editor (Hitchcock), 
     Sound Designer & Editor, Mixer~;
“The VAMPIRE CONSPIRACY” (Sierra Sky Entertainment) Picture Editor;


Hong Kong/Malaysia/Philippines 1985-1993:

Electric Shadow Productions, owner/operator Production services and credits include:

“MY HONGKONG” (The Gordon Group) Line Producer, Stage Manager (live show)*;

“MALAYSIA-KU” (The Gordon Group) Line Producer, Technical Director, Director*;

“YELLOWTHREAD STREET” (Yorkshire Television) Line Producer, Group Production Manager *

     (5 crews, 1 season (13 x 1-hour) episodic TV police action thrillers);

London 1981-1985: Freelance:

Fine Cut (Film Editors) Ltd., London, PosNeg Productions, London.

“GRENADIER GUARD: Tercentennary” (Tripod Films) Cinematographer, Editor*;

“The HEART OF THE DRAGON” (Ash Films for Channel Four), Sound Editor*;

“The BOSTONIANS” (Merchant Ivory Productions), ADR Editor & mixer;

“CRIMES OF PASSION” (PosNeg for Ken Russell/New World), Sound Editor;

“RESTLESS NATIVES” (Oxford Film Company), Sound Editor (ADR);

“UTSAV” (FilmValas/ShashiKapoor), PA, Sound Editor (foreign dubb);

Bahrain 1979-1981:

Promovision/Fortune Promoseven: designed and implemented comprehensive media production facility in the Middle East, with full art department, stills photographic stage and processing facilities, radio and music production facility and film/television production and post production facilities. Producer, Creative Director and Film Director for over 80 advertising campaigns.



Hong Kong 1976-1979:

Official Photographer, Hong Kong Ready-to-Wear Festivals 1977-1979; Miss Universe Pageant, 1978. Many international fashion and commercial clients as stills photographer, and as technical/musical/AV director for fashion shows and stage manager for live and dance concerts.


Education: London, U.K.: 1975.

Apprenticeships in fashion, makeup, hairstyling, stills photography, cinematography, lighting (stage and cinema), screenwriting, sound engineering, editing, music and film direction.

B.Sc. studies in Computer Sciences: ManTech, Bahrain.


Multi-lingual and multi-skilled, Chris is also an author, FAA-licensed private pilot and Part 107 commercial drone operator, a Formula race car driver, a fencer, a competitive marksman and an avid Olympic archer.


He owns and operates:

E Q U I P M E N T    L I S T :


Motion Picture Cameras: Film

Kinor 35mm, Konvas 35mm, Aaton S16mm, Canon Scoopic 16mm, various Super-8


Motion Picture Cameras: Digital Cinema

Sony F65 CineAlta 8k, Z Cam E2 S6 6k, Arri Alexa Classic 2k, Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k,

Blackmagic Ursa 4k, Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k, Blackmagic Cinema Camera HD; 


Video Cameras: Digital Run/Gun

Panasonic DVX-200 4k, Canon G40s, GoPros, etc.

Digital Cameras: Drones

DJI: Inspire 1 X5R, X3, Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro 2, other cameras on Freefly Cinestar heavy lifters


G&E and Location Audio: Lighting by Arri, K5600 and Lowel;

Steadicam Flyer LE modified for HDMI and Serial Digital video;

Audio: AKG, Sound Designs, Roland, Sennheiser, Sony


MoCap: Notiom motion capture full suit with gloves


Post Production:

Adobe Suite (Premiere Pro CC),

Apple (FCP),

Avid (Media Composer, ProTools),

BlackMagic (Resolve / Edit / Color / Fusion / Fairlight) Lightworks,

Vegas, WaveFrame, Soundtrack Pro, Studio One and MIDI music and audio work stations, and comprehensive production, post production, audio, and various select CGI computer animation software.





* non-theatrical productions. All others are theatrical feature films.

“Mixer” means re-recording mixer, not production sound mixer.

~ Mixed in Ultra Stereo® , Dolby® SR, dts® or SDDS® surround sound systems.

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