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Solid, entertaining "shootable" scripts begin the process.  Rooted in actuality with elements such as hard science and true events, Chris incorporates exceptional plot points and story turns that inspire onscreen actions while fostering audience identification with the characters. Chris is dedicated to producing movies that will deliver at the box office while keeping a very sharp focus on quality, time-tested story telling.

"A lot of what I write is what's known as "hard" sci-fi, i.e., where the science stands up.  Given the present multi-verse and string theories, the future or the past is allowed and alternative realities are also allowed.  Anything that isn't scientifically approved is soft sci-fi.  I currently have genetics, cybernetics and robotics - the science of a movie may be theoretically possible, although its power source is fantasy.  I write these because it's who I am."

As a filmmaker, Chris Ross Leong's mission is to produce high-quality films that entertain, delight, inspire and provoke compelling thought. 



His focus is on  the production of successful and profitable sci-fi, action-adventure, thriller, romantic comedy and dramatic feature films.

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