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Chris Ross Leong film director DP with Aaton LTR54 camera

I’m a generalist filmmaker inspired to tell global stories of intangible connection using my experience of working in every department across narrative, reality and commercial film production. 


My films provide value to global audiences struggling with a sense of disconnection and searching for something beyond the everyday/ordinary.

Ready to watch films about the unassuming everyman searching for connection and escaping the ordinary? Then you need to meet Chris Ross Leong.


As the maker of “Panic House”, “LoveBeats” and “Twilight at the Edge”, Kolkata-born Asian Brit Chris is well-versed in crafting cross-cultural, connection-driven films that transcend borders, utilising his extensive knowledge of every department, and uncovering the human element in everything from feature-length to silent short films


Working with Chris has resulted in profitable shorts, Emmy-winning editing, Best Cinematographer, Best Concept, Best Screenplay,  Best Experimental Film awards. 


When this generalist filmmaker isn’t globetrotting with a camera, you can find him fencing, flying or touring single malt distilleries and vineyards around the globe.

Chris Ross Leong film director with Blackmagic Cinema Camera
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