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Chris Ross Leong has been taking photos and making movies since 1975.  As a child actor, Chris appeared in Hollywood feature films and in many Hong-Kong based films and television commercials, all before his teen years.  His first short film credit as a director was during his prep school days in London, and he's never looked back.

Chris has worked around the world directing, writing, producing, shooting, composing and editing both advertising and editorial content.  His credits include theatrical feature films and television programs as well as Emmy, People's Choice and Independent Spirit Award-winning TV and web content for a myriad of clients, including cable and national TV networks.

Chris presents outstanding storytelling skills combined with highly honed, cutting edge technical knowledge and top-drawer management ability.  His love of the cinematic form has led to an ongoing series of personal short films, which Chris believes is the closest form of pure cinematic art still in existence.

Chris Ross Leong film director producer writer DP editor
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