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When a shoot just doesn't work out...

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, a drone shoot just isn't in the works for a particular day, or situation. It takes a particularly savvy person to acknowledge that, take the hit, and move on.

In this particular case it was a matter of wires.

Lots of them.

But, in particular, power cables.

Which left maybe a 5-ft gap to take off through.

And, as most pilots can tell you, it's not the takeoff that matters most, it's coming back down through that 5-ft gap to a safe landing that would be an interesting problem. Especially since the wires on either side of that gap were power cables as well.

The electro-magnetic interference that we were taught to avoid like the plague (it disrupts the radio control waves) literally made one's hair stand on end, if one stood close enough to this disaster-in-the-making.

Luckily the producer/director in this case, a particularly expert young gentleman by the name of Neko Sparks, took it in stride and was able quickly to re-set the scene.

But, sadly, without a drone shot.

Which was not the best for him since yesterday, the neighbors of the hillside mansion he was shooting in did not grant his production permission for drone overflight, and so that day was cancelled too.

But all's well that will end well. His next production, a horror flick, will be shot in Big Bear, up a mountain and on a huge, and private property.

Well done, Neko. We shall yet prevail!

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